iPAP 0.71

After months of inactivity, I just decided to update iPAP a teeny–weeny bit. Seriously, I just revised the readme.html file and changed the default $cache_life value to a 5–day equivalent.

After playing with my experimental 0.8 version, the flatfile database system just doesn’t cut it anymore especially if you have hundreds of photos spanning several albums. Page generation takes a more than a second in some instances — unacceptable. A nice workaround right now is to prevent frequent refreshing of the cache, since there isn’t really a need for that operation unless publishing new photo albums, hence the increase in the default $cache_life value. The MySQL–powered version of the application is in the works, I’m just not yet done migrating all database calls to SQL. Coming soon!

In addition, there is also an update for SmartyPants On Demand, now utilizing version 1.5.1b of Michel Fortin’s excellent PHP SmartyPants. Some sections of the site were also affected by the sudden desire for spring cleaning and tinkering. πŸ™‚

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  3. maku, i have a comment on your iPAP. you should probably change the position of the enlarged picture. kasi tuwing ki-click ako ng thumbnail, i have to scroll down to see the bigger picture. nakaka-irita pag maraming pictures akong gustong i-view.

  4. Ja-mes, you’re right. I’ve noticed that before but never really got the chance to improve it, since I rarely made photo albums with many photos. But since I’ve been posting a lot of them now, I’ll try to find a better solution for the layout and presentation. πŸ™‚ Thank you ‘tol.

  5. Ah! Our waiting wasn’t for nothing!

    I’m not planning on upgrading to the new version yet, but as soon as the MySQL-powered iPAP comes out, I’ll be on it.

    P.S.: Is this the first official announcement iPAP’s gonna go MySQL?

  6. tol, meron bang option ng batch upload na tulad sa coppermine ang iPap??? kasi kinoconsider ko na lumipat sa ibang gallery option na mas optimised para sa wordpress… and so far, sa tingin ko yung ginawa mong script is one of the best options so far.

  7. Joachim iPAP doesn’t have batch upload, as of now. Currently, iPAP isn’t really an integrated solution for WordPress, it’s a standalone solution that works out of the box. I made it for myself with simplicity in mind, just the way I want it to work for my personal use.

  8. i want to use this, but i have problems installing it. after logging in (there an error in the login page), i get a 404. when i go to the admin index page manually, i get more errors. though i can create new albums and upload photos, nothing shows up at the photo page (http://nina.hey.nu/photo)

    has this been tested with PHP5? my host has recently upgraded and i’ve had problems installing WordPress because of it. could this be the cause?

  9. @nina: You’re using PHP5? That could be the problem since it has not been tested on that version yet, at least not officially. Sorry there isn’t much help I can do right now, but just visit my blog regularly in case there’s an update regarding this. πŸ™‚

  10. GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY! nice location… i only see them in photos but never get the chance to visit. a place to visit, really.

  11. Hi, and thanks for the script!

    Is the hierarchical albums thingy that is commented out on several places in the code, something that will be in the next version? Looking forward to that!

    I noticed a small thing: if I rename an album, the sanitized name doesn’t get updated…

    At around line 404 in ipap-admin/index.php, add a $new['sanitized_name'] = sanitize_title($_POST['album_title']);

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  14. this is one cool script, but still needs some work specially on the admin side. GL for the mysql version :). can’t wait

  15. Hey, thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚ I’m really busy with work
    right now, but the MySQL conversion should be ready
    once I get a flash of brilliance or a day with nothing to
    do, whichever comes first. πŸ˜‰

    Any day now.

  16. Tol, ready na ba??? hehehe, uy ah, wag kang mapressure bossing, excited lang akong lumipat na sa new and improved na iPAP.

  17. I installed ipap and it worked well this morning, but now it says UNABLE TO WRITE CACHE. I did as you said in read me and even though I can upoad pics in the admin mode, it won’t show up. I use wordpress as well. what could this be?

  18. iPAP Installation, Step Four:

    CHMOD to 0777 the directory db/ and the files inside: db-uploads.php, db-albums.php, and db-photos.php.

    After that, go to your admin area and push the “Publish” button.

  19. http://rebelpixel.com/archives/2005/06/19/ipap-09-beta/

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