Comment Hilite 1.1

I just updated my comment highlighting plugin for WordPress and it’s now bumped up to version 1.1. The previous version works fine but 1.1 adds functionality for WP–1.5! Utilizing the added plugin hooks in 1.5–strayhorn, you can highlight comments from the comment loop in the entry pages by using the rp_comment_hilite_link() function, which works not unlike the “Edit This” or “h” link in the default templates. I’ve thought about this before but never had the time to implement it, not until ckozus emailed about it yesterday and I just felt like diving into PHP and WP for an hour or two. It feels good to code in PHP after months of PL/1 and COBOL!

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  1. I really didn’t insist on making that function work with 1.2, though with some more code tracing I’m sure we could find a way. But I’ll save that for another day. 🙂

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