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Friday, very late in the evening. My mobile phone interrupts my usual fare of late–nite TV. “Pare, ikaw ba si Rico?” the man with the obscure international number quickly asks. Now how could Markku be mistaken for Rico? I promptly answer “Hindi ho” to the Tagalog–speaking gentleman, surely a Filipino living or working in another country, judging from his accent. “Pero myembro ka ng Bamboo di ba?” Now this is sounding strangely funny, so I simply reply “Naku hindi din po!” He explains he got my number online in an email, and he must have it all wrong (yes indeed!) and speedily hangs up. Whew!

Not really the first time I’ve been mistaken for someone, though of course not a single entity has ever approached me thinking I was or closely resemble some famous celebrity. My weblog has been running for several years now, and some people leave comments thinking I’m the celebrity I’m blogging about. And then there are some who shuffle the details like the celebrity names and my contact information so badly and end up embarrassing themselves. No problem though, it never fails to give a good laugh and a big smile on my face.

Certainly, the caller was thinking I was Rico Blanco of Rivermaya. But he also asked if I’m a member of Bamboo, former Rivermaya frontman Bamboo Mañalac’s current band, who popularized the song “Noypi.” He was probably the same person who sent an SMS message about a week ago from this number +97***57843**:

Hi bamboo pari danny sa dubai gusto ko malaman budget mo para sa show tnx

Sorry manong, nagkahalo–halo na po lahat ng facts nyo. Rico Blanco is still with and now fronting Rivermaya, while Bamboo is rocking away singing “Noypi” to the delight of the crowd, jologs man o hindi.

More (mistaken) identities

Now since we’re at it, I guess this is the best time to reveal the truth. As they always annoyingly say over and over again, “the truth will set you free.” Or whatever.

hi jimmy you are so good.

Hindi po ako si Jimmy Alapag. I know I’m good somewhere, I just don’t know where exactly, yet. But I’m not that great point guard from Talk ‘n’ Text who will definitely be starting for the national team this year. Naalala ko tuloy yung high school batchmate ko. Inside joke, hehe.

ang lupit mo bamboo, maraming salamat sa iyong pagbabalik

Isa ka pa. Hindi nga po ako si Bamboo. Sorry to break the illusion, but I’m not even sure if Bamboo or any of his band members will ever get to read your message, at least not in this lifetime.

Hi kitchie nadal…galing2 mo po!!!idol na idol kta…pramiz!!!!!!mwahhhhhhh!todo support po ako at mga fwendz ko sa yo!!!

Ayan na bading na yata ako. Hindi din po ako si Kitchie Nadal. Though I wouldn’t mind going out on a date/jam with her (but don’t tell Anne!). Great singer and songwriter, and I have a review of her CD upcoming.

Hi.I’m having difficulty logging in at garyv.com that’s why I used this site.Anyhow,I just wanted to say that the performance / concert last night (June 18,04) that was held at Newark Symphony Hall in New Jersey was Amazing.Trully God had Blessed and continously blessing you and the rest of your family.He’s been using you for his Glory.I was Blessed,to hear those beautiful gospel songs and offcoarse all the songs that you sung.

Back in the Phils.,don’t know if you still remember at Robinson’s Ermita we met,last 2000.I think you were signing authograph for your new album.My friend (Dr.Dave Encina) approached one of your staff,asked if you can pray for me?A few minutes gone by you waved and you said wait just a minute then you called me inside the booth.You Prayed for me.I was under chemotherapy during that time and undergone surgery for breast removal.How I wish that we can get close to you and personally thank you for those Prayers that you prayed last night at the concert.Fortunately my Brother In Law knew Isang when they were in the Phils.,so I asked her if she can pass on my message to you.Praise God!I’m still here Endured and Strengthened.I thank you very Much.As I type this I assumed that you’re on your way to LaGuardia Airport bound for hawaii.Our Prayers are with you.We all Love you and the rest of your Family and Group.GOD BLESS!!!

Of all the stories I’ve cited above, this is the one that means a lot to me. Despite the reality that I’m not Gary Valenciano, I feel deeply touched by the comments posted by his fans for him. I wish I could do something to get him to read the message above and all the others, just because it’s meant for him.


If any of you knows how we can help forward the important comments to the proper recepients, drop me a line. To our friend seeking Bamboo, may you finally reach them or better yet, their business manager so you’d finally get to sing “Hoy, pinoy ako!” with the band. Good luck!

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  1. LOL. I am plagued by the same type of comments ever since I made a review of Kitchie Nadal’s album. Most of the comments were addressed to Kitchie herself. I deleted most of them since I don’t want to encourage those kinds of comments.

    I really don’t understand how they can mistake blog sites for the real thing. Well, at least not all the people browsing my entry make such comments judging from my logs.

  2. malaking pera ang pinag uusapan dito markku…. isama mo ko sa raket na toh! kikita tayo ng malaki!

    sige.. umpisahan mo na tumanggap ng bookings for bamboo, river maya.. isama mo pa si gary v.

    ngayon ko lang nalaman, may multiple personality ka pala!

  3. lolz. baka nga naman u are born to be a rockstar, ku.

    btw, for bamboo_the band bookings, inquiries, negos and stuffs, contact sir pancho (the_manager) through (0917) 534-0107.

    congrats sa redesign =)

  4. hi bamboo, jam naman tayo… kakabili ko lang ng custom neck through na tele… or kung gusto mo ijam mo seven string ko… heheheheh… HOY! PINOY AKO!!!

  5. Maybe because they just search using the keywords tapos iniisip nila accurate na agad yung result, tapos di na nila binabasa yung content ng site kaya post na lang ng post. Oh well, at least, haha, artista ang dating, 😉

  6. Eugene, I think Angela’s comment best explains the confusion. Marami pa ring taong hindi familiar about weblogs.

    Leia sige ba, basta bigay natin bank account mo for downpayments. 😉

    Weng, me a rockstar? Hahaha. 🙂 Thanks for putting Bamboo’s real contact info by the way, I’ll highlight it for everyone to see!

    ::barbq:: dapat siguro sama ka minsan sa mga inuman namin ni Joey para makilalala mo ako, at ng makita mo. Hehehe. 😉

    Trebs basketball naman tayo!

    Joachim, custom nech through na Tele? Wow, I’d love to play that. Actually kahit standard na Tele masaya na ako, I haven’t really tried one all my life. Dream guitar ko yun since high school, gusto ko yung “blonde” na medyo transparent with the black pickguard and maple neck. Pahiram! Hehehe. Where’d you get that made?

    Angela, artista? Hehehe. I wish. 😉

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