Merry Christmas everyone!

Quezon Hall Christmas, 2002

It’s Christmas time once again, and I can miss blogging all the holidays of the year except this one. smile I went through my Christmas day entries from 2003 and 2004 looking for older photos to recycle, when I realized I haven’t really taken acceptable yuletide photos for a few years now. Or maybe the better ones were just sheer luck? This season, I still haven’t been snapping much, but I just got my D60 back after more than a month of repair work at Canon, but unfortunately it’s back–focussing badly there’s no fun using it.

On the bright side, I read what I wrote last year about getting a Canon DSLR for myself. A year after, I’m the proud owner of a back–focussing D60. wink Hahaha. I’m just happy of the achievements I’ve had this year, especially those related to this site and blogging in general. smile

I’ve got a few things upcoming, and I mean really upcoming I’m praying they’d be ready soon, not like the the other “upcoming” and “soon” things I’ve mentioned before. wink You my dear readers would be delighted, hopefully.

By the way, the photo above was taken in 2002, using my first digital camera. I never got the chance to visit UP this year, not even to watch Awitan which I try to watch every year. No I’m not a KEMer, ALCHEMES ako. smile The last sentence wouldn’t really make sense to most of you, it’s just that I really want to watch the said event every year. Trivia: six years in UP and I never got the chance to watch the Oblation Run. Talk about apathy. Hahaha. wink

Now I’m my usual blabbering self, so I’ll end this one with a simple greeting: A happy Christmas to you all! smile

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  1. Didn’t saw the run too. We were there but all we saw were masked heads and slogans. Masyadong maraming matronang gustong manood. =P Freshie pa naman ako. Madami pang chance! Hehe. I wasn’t able to watch the Awitan too. Tho I saw the ALCHEMES Band play during Miss Eng’g (Ang Ating Araw and the rock version of Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso). Merry Christmas.


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