This is the archive page for January 2006

Status Report

I’ve been having trouble writing coherently again, so I guess my ideas are better left in outline form. Photojunkie Rannie Turingan is a finalist in the 2006 Bloggies! This is noteworthy news, him being one of the prominent users of iPAP, and more importantly a proud Filipino photographer. Good luck! Speaking of iPAP, I’m back […]

204 subscribers

According to Feedburner, there are 204 subscribers to my feeds as of January 20, 2006. I finally crossed 200. Though I have no idea what percentage are real human readers and what are automated crawlers, I still think this is a significant milestone for this weblog. This will likely be a good year. 😉

Don’t Give Up On Us

It’s not really as bad as you would think. Last weekend, I finally got to see the Piolo Pascual — Judy Anne Santos starrer “Don’t Give Up On Us,” one of the better Filipino films to greet the new year. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie the first time I saw the trailer […]

Filipino problogger

I just heard from Yuga that one of us is going the problogging route full–time. J Angelo will be taking care of several weblogs, similar to writers in big networks like Weblogs, Inc and Gawker Media. I’m quite surprised with Yuga’s suggestion that I might be going the problogging way soon. No, I don’t think […]

More coke

You’ve seen the first one, right? Now that you’ve got an idea how much I’m addicted to Coke, I promise this will be the last ones from this set, at least for the next few entries. 🙂 Hey Coca-Cola, get me to shoot your next campaign! Hahaha.

Blue Moon

I just watched Regal Film’s Blue Moon last Thursday night, an entry in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Anne wanted to see it so badly; I on the other hand was thinking I’d rather see Exodus if I was to watch a movie in this year’s fest. To my surprise, the movie was above […]