Mini-Review: Syriana

Syriana Having caught Syriana just last Tuesday, I only have one word to describe the film: boring. I expected more from a George Clooney starrer, knowing Steven Soderbergh co–produced the movie; it hardly kept me awake. The story that tackles the United States’s control of the worldwide oil market through various channels is interesting though fails to translate nicely to the widescreen. Watching it on DVD may be a better option, or maybe not.

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  1. Yah, i’ve watched it yesterday (04/04/06). and it sucks. and i felt abused after watching it since it wasted my time.

  2. ibalik, you enjoyed the story? I must’ve slept through it I could only pretend to understand the whole thing. Hehehe. Seriously, the story could’ve been told in a more “cinematic” kind of way.

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