Five on Friday: In My Pocket

Team Fotogra!

This edition of Five on Friday is ridiculously late it isn’t even within the week it’s supposed to be in! But pardon me, I had too much fun playing with Marc’s Xbox 360 paired with Abe’s 32–inch LCD I totally lost track of time, getting home just minutes before Saturday’s sunrise. Well, the boys were just too preoccupied we didn’t notice pretty much what the girls were doing. I would’ve published this entry yesterday but I was working with Karl & Mimi (with Dax and King) manning the crowd–pleasing clique photobooth.

I’ve been at a lost thinking what topic I’ll be writing on for last Friday’s list (this list you’re reading now), unable to find something not commonly blogged about. So I’ll just talk about things in my pocket!

  1. Vicks inhaler. If you’ve met me before, you’d have notice that I always have an inhaler in my hands, sniffing at my secret concoction every few minutes. Seriously, I just love the scent of Vicks that I use it even when I don’t have a cold or any other need for it. When I was just a few years old, I used up one large bottle by spreading the gooey stuff all over my parents’ bed! Yes I know, it’s supposedly unhealthy — but what enjoyable thing in life isn’t?
  2. Lip balm. Working in an air–conditioned office and alternating that with our country’s ever warm and humid weather, my lips are never in their perfect health. Oh I know this sounds metro–sexually vain, but lips always hurt as they dry up quite easily. I’m currently looking for medicated lip balms since regular ChapStick doesn’t help. Anyone?
  3. Pen. Even in today’s electronically–driven world, you never know when you’ll be needing a good ol’ pen. That’s why I always keep one handy. I used to have a classic Cross and then some Parker ballpoints, but I can’t stop losing them. For some time, I loved the Pilot G–TEC C4. Extra fine tip yet still producing very even black strokes. Recently though, I’m using more of the Pilot G–2 and the G–2 ex (Q7 in other markets), and also the Uni–ball 207 which is comparably good, but seems to use a lighter pigment that results in gray writing, unlike the Pilot’s dark blacks.
  4. Swiss knife. Being a big MacGyver fan, a swiss army knife is an essential in my lifestyle. Kuno. I use mine everyday to open my can of tuna for lunch. I also attached a button–type LED flashlight at its end so its more useful than it typically is. I use the Victorinox Tinker which has the exact tools I frequently use.
  5. Mobile phone. These days, who doesn’t keep a phone in their pocket? I still thrive on my beat–up Nokia 6230i though regularly think about going back to Ericsson mobiles. The T68 immediately comes to mind. Unfortunately, no specific model is good enough for my needs. Everything is at least 10,000 pesos away yet still a compromise in terms of features.

How about you, what do you usually have in your pocket?

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  1. The things I consistently have in my pocket are: cellphone, wallet, and handkerchief. I’ve been bringing a hanky ever since grade school. 🙂

  2. @karl, hindi kaya ng kiss to! Hehehe. Thanks din kahapon! Next time kaya ko na assemble yung booth ng mag-isa, para wala ng debate. O si Dax mag-isa, tapos babantayan ko si Cupcake… Hehehe. 😉

    @Eugene: Well, I don’t carrying your wallet and a hanky is really worth writing about. Hehehe. Mas maganda pag-usapan yung mga sinulat ko eh. Hehe. 😉

  3. Lip balms: Try buying any lip balm from Healthy Options. They’re a bit more expensive but they do prevent chapped lips quite well. Right now I’m using something called Lizard Lips. Weird name, but it works for me. 😛

    Pens: I love Gtec. I’m a pen person, and I can’t write with just any pen that smears/breaks or is too round for me. The whole pen is too expensive, though so I just get refills. I want to have the entire-ten color set, but it’s just way out of my budget. 😛

  4. Lip balm: Try Burt’s Beeswax at any Beauty Bar, Neutrogena’s lip balm, or go for the good ole Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

  5. @Tina: Thanks for the tip, I will try that!

    Meron ka nung ibang colors nila? I’ve only seen black, blue and red sa national, yung iba hindi pa. Gusto ko sana talaga yung purple eh. Hehehe. Maybe I should get it online. But do you still get to write as much these days? Technology has been too pervasive that I tend to lose my pens before they run out of ink.

    @tala: Allergic yata ako sa Burt’s Bees, na-try ko dati, namaga lips ko. Hehehe. Recently I’ve been having very chapped and irritated lips I think I need medicated lip balms or should see a doctor asap.

  6. 1. A wallet containing the usual stuff and some pictures.
    2. cameras: a compact 35 and a digital ixus
    3. a purse with flash drives, flash, viewfinder, pen and clutch pencil.
    4. A commonplace/sketch/doodle book
    5. cellphone: one GSM (Galing sa Management) and a personal one that doubles as walkman and back-up camera. Always on silent mode.

    Then I also have some things in my bag


  7. Speaking of Burt’s Beeswax, I used to love that one kaso one time after I recovered from a windburn, I got lip blisters when I started using it again. Ever since then I never used that brand. :/

    On Gtec: I want the purple one too! Kaso hindi ko alam san makakahanap. Hehe. I think I saw a brown one dati, but I think a friend of mine owns it. Oooh, and may pink din pala. I want!

    Yep, I still get to write, usually with lists and for my offline [prayer] journal every morning. As opposed to Mr. Bo Sanchez whose prayer journal is in his computer, I can’t do it that way because computers distract me too much. 😛

  8. Regarding #1: Addict!

    Wallet and cellphone. Never keep a ballpen my pocket because I always lose them. And nowadays I write on a computer. 🙂

  9. @Juned: Grabe pare ang dami mo namang dala palagi! I’m now (again!) trying to go with the sketch/doodle/note book approach, hopefully it does some wonders in productivity.

    @Tina: We have the same experience with Burt’s Beeswax. 🙁

    Let’s buy purple G-Tecs online!

    You’re right, prayer journals are better done handwritten, just like love letters and other personal messages of intimate nature. To hell with email! Nothing beats an old skool love letter. Hehehe.

    @Rico: Yes I’m an addict! Hahaha.

  10. 1. An old fashioned cellular phone, siemens C35 that nobody want to steal it even it is dropped on the bus floor.
    2. Couple of coins, beggars is everywhere here..
    3. Wallet .. a really thick wallet, inside it I can find printed transaction report of money I took 2 or 3 months ago from nearby ATM
    4. Ciggarette and matches
    5. A pistol, FN, colt or Red Heat because I’m an undercover police officer.

    Haha .. just kidding for the last number..

  11. Burts Bees Wax doesn’t smell or even taste good, e 🙁 Chaptstick doesn’t work on my lips too. My favorite would have to be Forever Living’s Aloe Lips, it’s a miracle worker in my book. 🙂

    Check out, they have this lipbalm incredibly comparable to Kiehls ( high end Loreal brand ) that costs only 68+ a pot. It’s minty pa! 🙂 Hope it works 🙂

  12. Sophie, thanks for the lip balm recommendations. 🙂 I gotta try that one from, that’s cheap! Yeah I hope it’s good. But my lips are better now, but still looking for good lip balm since I’m addicted to lip balms anyway. Hehehe.

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