Five on Friday: I Heart DFAT 2009

DFAT 2009 was a lot more than one would expect in a food appreciation tour that I just have to do a FoF installment for it. So here’s five things that make me say “I heart DFAT 2009”:

  1. Xcelerator
    The longest zipline in Asia, with speeds in the 70 to 120 kph range giving you the ultimate thrill and excitement. Now I do not want to sound like an advertisement but it truly is a wild experience especially on your first try — I was so excited I was screaming like a girl. At 200 feet above the ground, the view from the top of the small mountain is a sight to behold. Considering the short but tiring 15–minute trek to the top, you’d be thinking this better be worth the effort. After you take the shortcut down through the zipline and seeing everything below with a bird’s point of view, you’re hooked and craving for another run. Most of us did it thrice in two days. That’s my video at the beginning of this post while Hana’s is at the end.
  2. Good food
    Now this was the primary reason we were in Davao. After all, it was called the Davao Food Appreciation Tour. I couldn’t go into the details right now as I will be writing about the restaurants and their offerings separately, but I just have to tell you how good the food in Davao really is. And I don’t mean just the traditional tuna or durian or whatever picture that comes to mind, almost everything I tried was simply good.
  3. Cheap food
    I just told you how the food was, but now I’m telling you how crazily affordable they are. Some of the prices are so darn cheap you’d think it’s going to be bad, and you’d be pleasantly surprised to prove yourself wrong. Barkada treats wouldn’t be so hard on your budget if you do it in Davao, provided you get everyone to pay for their plane fare.
  4. Good people
    Collectively, we have never been pampered this well for a long time. Our hosts, both the restaurants and organizers, were downright spectacular. They took care of almost everything we could worry about that we just wandered around like tourists. Blogie had everything planned just right that we made it to our “official” destinations on schedule while still allowing for extra–curricular shenanigans (like going to the same restaurant twice, in one day). Andrew was mostly our designated driver and accomplice for all the unplanned surprises that we all went through (Nice new domain, btw). Chattee sure did take the PA role seriously and assisted us in everything, even with the shopping trip to SM Davao. Now we just couldn’t miss that one. Ria was also with us despite her having to juggle work with fun during DFAT 2009, and she sure did make us do the zipline thing by reminding us of the lonely walk back in case we chicken out. Jim, Migs, and Dom also joined us for most of the activities despite their busy skeds. I’m probably forgetting a bunch of other people right now but I’ll just say it this way — all you Davao friends are awesome!
  5. Lachi’s Sanz Rival Atbp.
    Okay the plan was to write nothing specific yet about food and restaurants, but this one I gotta get off my chest. Lachi’s should put up branches all over the Philippines to save our future. They serve food that is so good you’d leave with a big smile and a full stomach. If Filipinos eat food this good everyday then maybe we will all vote right come election time. (Okay, maybe that was a long shot.) Everything here is just right; a homey ambiance that gets you relaxed; food that tastes so good but never exaggerated that numbs your taste buds. If only they deliver their Sansrival and Unforgettable Spare Ribs all the way to Manila.

Cheers to DFAT 2009! See you all again soon. 😀

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  1. ang saya naman nyan! 😀 halatang mas ninenerbyos ka markku, mas “image stabilized” ung version ni hana! hehe..

  2. It was fun meeting all of you! Thank you nga pala again for the Firenzo treat… if I had only known manlilibre ka, I could’ve ordered 3 slices of espresso cheesecake. Hahaha!

    See you again soon! 🙂

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