Five on Friday: World Photography Day 2011

August 19 was World Photography Day and you’re supposed to upload images you’ve made on that day. I was working, shooting Game 6 of the PBA Finals for InterAKTV, so I’ll grab five from that day’s set instead. I’m putting this under Five on Friday but we all know it’s a little cheat since it’s already Sunday. But at the same time, it’s a tribute to Jason Castro’s selfless and heroic act of playing despite a painful career–threatening injury.

All they could do was watch.

If you play him one–on–one, almost no one could stop him.
There was no effective way to prevent him from going to the basket.
Even superheroes can feel the pain…
… but the taste of victory just dulls it all.

Today, August 21, marks the fall of one of our greatest heroes. But the same day somehow sparked the burning color yellow. It’s a stretch correlating Ninoy and the possible Talk N Text Grand Slam, but it’s a day for momentous milestones, I guess. One bloody Sunday indeed—and it’s going to be Talk N Text’s ticket to immortal status in PBA history.

Yellow will be the color of the day, but I’m not sure if it will symbolize triumph, or sorrow.

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  1. Hehe, cheating ka! :p

    Happy world photography day! At least you spent that day doing one of your favorite things to do — taking photographs 🙂

  2. How did I not know it was world photography day!? I don’t think I even took a picture that day 🙁 Thanks for posting the great pictures, I’m really diggin’ your blog posts!

  3. I was going to ask sana kung bakit puro basketball nasa post na ‘to. Kaya naman pala. 🙂

    I thought yellow meant ‘bright’ and ‘sunny’? Shouldn’t you be happy? 🙂

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