This is the archive page for December 2005

Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s Christmas time once again, and I can miss blogging all the holidays of the year except this one. 🙂 I went through my Christmas day entries from 2003 and 2004 looking for older photos to recycle, when I realized I haven’t really taken acceptable yuletide photos for a few years now. Or maybe the […]

ABS-CBN on blogging

ABS-CBN hates blogging. They hate it so much they interviewed a local blogger who has extensively covered the first season of Pinoy Big Brother and almost everything related to it, only to defer airing the said segment at the last minute. has been the online authority on the hit reality show that captured the […]


I just posted my review of Ultraelectromagneticjam, a tribute album for the Eraserheads with their songs performed by today’s popular local acts. The project was kickstarted by Jam 88.3, though I feel the idea was born after Brownman Revival’s cover of the song Maling Akala, which has always been my favorite E-heads song. Most tracks […]

The laptop that blogging bought

It would be inappropriate to gloat, but I guess most of you my dear readers would be pleased to know that I finally have my very own laptop! Blogging has been very good to me these past months, allowing me to earn through freelance work and more significantly, through advertising. The laptop is an Asus […]

Mr. SEO Philippines

Since Yuga just wrote about one of the Philippines’ experts in search engine optimization, it would only be fitting to accompany his entry with a photo of our guru himself: Yes, that’s Marc Macalua of, and he is willing to help in internet marketing and search engine optimization — free of charge. Go ahead, […]