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While trying to make a mental outline of this year–in–review post, I figured I could’ve simply not blogged the whole year and crammed all of my stories in one entry—and no one would’ve noticed. I guess that’s my 2011 way of saying “I’m such a delinquent blogger”. So there I went, I clicked every post […]

Manic Monday

I’ve often engaged in senseless musings in the rare times I blog that I’m almost sure my readers would be surprised to see the contrary. So I won’t even try. I’m supposed to be asleep by now having stayed awake through the night, but now I find myself blogging. What a surprise! To be honest, […]

Reboot, 2010

Exactly eight years ago, I wrote this weblog’s oldest entry. It was a short piece desperately trying to put some sense of purpose to my online presence—and I probably wrote it more for myself than my readers. 96 months later, I find myself asking the same unspoken questions: What am I exactly doing? It’s good […]

Selling the Drama

Some things just don’t feel important enough until they’re gone. Or almost gone. Recently, I wrote about how I just might lose my domain if not for some sort of a miracle. Thankfully, they do happen without much fanfare, sometimes. I followed Jepoy’s advice suggesting that I get in touch with, the administrator […]


Exactly two months from now, I will be losing control of the domain Come September 29, it will expire into oblivion and likely morph into a world of spammy landing pages, as what typically happens to aged, linked, and moderately authoritative domains. Unless miracles do happen. My whois record tells me that I’ve owned […]

Last Friday

Last Friday would have been a nice twist to my “Five on Friday” series that I’ve been doing regularly irregular. I was gonna title my post “March 5 on Friday” as a reference to my birthday, and it would have been one of my better birthday entries. I guess this will do as my belated […]


I’m just glad to finally see 2009 go. I don’t know about you, but that last year of the decade turned out to be at least tragic for a lot of us and it’s nice to know we’re finally starting a new decade. The noughties was definitely tumultuous. 2009 wasn’t a good blogging year for […]