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Why is the rain blue?

I just set a personal record for least number of blog entries in a month — zero. I never blogged through all of June, and I almost forgot I *do* have a blog until the greatest tech blogger in the Philippines linked to this domain, using link terms befit only for the great masters. So […]

The Team

You might find it amusing that I’m writing about my team of photographic tools that I use. You’d think differently though if I’d tell you this is just the first time they’ve been together, all four of them. The 400D without–a–name that I sometimes jokingly call “Unlucky” is now back after four and a half […]

Feeling Sikat

Pardon the narcissistic self–promotion, but if you pass by a magazine stand please do buy Manual Magazine‘s December 2008 issue, dubbed “the Blog Issue.” I’m there with Coy, Regnard, and Mike. Well if we’re going to be technical about it, it’s more like one–third of me is there, since my photo’s artistically cropped leaving just […]

Blogging again

I think I’m back blogging again, but right now without a great percentage of this site. I’m rebuilding, bored with the recent layout so quickly that I never tried to get it to 100% completion. Having said that, the chances of using it again is quite slim, unless I do so badly in making a […]