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Last Friday

Last Friday would have been a nice twist to my “Five on Friday” series that I’ve been doing regularly irregular. I was gonna title my post “March 5 on Friday” as a reference to my birthday, and it would have been one of my better birthday entries. I guess this will do as my belated […]

Five on Friday: Why I love my MacBook

I’m now reviving my tradition of doing a Five on Friday entry on days after Friday; I’d rather do it now than wait until next Friday. I feel like I cannot blog about other things if I don’t get this done now anyway. Besides, this would’ve made it to Friday if I wasn’t out with […]

Five on Friday: I Heart DFAT 2009

DFAT 2009 was a lot more than one would expect in a food appreciation tour that I just have to do a FoF installment for it. So here’s five things that make me say “I heart DFAT 2009”: Xcelerator The longest zipline in Asia, with speeds in the 70 to 120 kph range giving you […]

Five on Friday: Sabi ng Eraserheads…

Totoo na daw talaga yung balita, tara, game na! Pero sandali eto muna, Five on Friday muna tayo, late nga lang, walang wifi kanina eh. (Okay lang, Friday pa naman sa ibang bansa ngayon.) Eto five song verses na feeling ko applicable sa e–heads reunion fever, uso daw ngayon eh. Naalala kita ilang bukas pa […]

Five on Friday: Batanes Photos

Before I talk about the drama I’ve been selling in my previous entry, here’s five photos I submitted as my photo essay for our photo contest in Batanes. I didn’t win, but fortunately, my pangga Hana did! 🙂 She got one of three special prizes, the other two going to Mimi and Ferdz. AJ got […]