A Sunday ride around UP…


… and my thoughts on riding my bike.

So I’ve been doing a lot of biking in the past few months. Now six months in, you can pretty much say I’m addicted. Pangga Hana has been very supportive, though not without comments especially when I’m away far longer than she feels necessary. Unfortunately, this hobby also comes with expenses especially when you get to know more about what you need and want—and no wife would be too pleased with that!

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Five on Friday: Biking in Marikina


So I’ve been riding a bike for the past few months now. As I’ve been in desperate need of any form of exercise, I bought a folding bike last March and have used it every few days or so. I’ve been lucky we live in Marikina, I couldn’t make up of too many excuses not to go out for a ride—I’m in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the Philippines!

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