This is the archive page for March 2006


I’ve been meaning to write, yet other things have caught up with me, eating away my time. Maybe through the occasional photos I can still make you smile.

Mini-Review: V for Vendetta

This is an entertaining movie, especially if you’re part of the “Matrix generation.” The Wachowski Brothers prove that there is life after the Matrix trilogy, especially after “Matrix Revolutions,” which I consider one of the most disappointing films of the decade. V for Vendetta will entertain you, and it makes me smile the way I […]

A blog here, a blog there

If you’ve been inspecting this page quite closely, you would’ve noticed the “Also blogging” tab on my sidebar. Yes, I just started a few weblogs on certain topics I’m familiar with and trying to write with a schedule, unlike here on rebelpixel productions. problogger philippines should tackle professional blogging in the same way as Darren […]

My birthday wish

Dear credit card companies, Please stop calling and getting my personal details for your credit card applications. More importantly, please don’t tell me I’ve been pre–approved only to deny me after a few weeks. Please take pity on my poor self-esteem. My friend Joey has explained this before, and unless you give me a card […]

Mini-Review: Syriana

Having caught Syriana just last Tuesday, I only have one word to describe the film: boring. I expected more from a George Clooney starrer, knowing Steven Soderbergh co–produced the movie; it hardly kept me awake. The story that tackles the United States’s control of the worldwide oil market through various channels is interesting though fails […]