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Almost Famous

rebelpixel productions was featured on Manila Bulletin’s Blog–O–Rama! Finally, after years of blogging and shooting and hacking code, this weblog is getting some mainstream attention, even just for one day. Something like my little 15 minutes of fame. Ajay interviewed me a few weeks back and it was finally published yesterday. If you have a […]

PBB2: Contingency Plans

You’ve got your housemates ready. You have a wonderful program planned. You market the launching well ahead, and very well at that. The female hosts are now all slim and sexy for the launch night. (Bianca’s abs were awesome!) You have the “6-housemates-only” gimmick to get people to ask questions. You even have a hottie […]

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Launched!

Okay this is pure SE linkbait material. But anyway… The launch for Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 just concluded with only six housemates officially inside the house as of this evening. But why only six? Interestingly, this should be one of the network’s gimmicks for this season to further raise interest in the show. Of […]

The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards

This one’s for real. Recognizing the best Filipino weblogs that continue to provide engaging content to its readers, this will be the very first to honor those that excel not just in the local but worldwide scene of independently published weblogs. Uniquely, the whole event will be blogger–powered and not a PR event of some […]

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Gail has been teasing me that I’d probably be the last to write about our trip to the 11th International Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta so as not to disappoint, I let everyone blog ahead of me. Believe me! 🙂 Upon arrival at the airfield, I was overwhelmed by the number of digital SLRs mounted […]

how do i

how can i tell you the truth when you’re not even trying to listen how can i say what i want when you don’t even want to consider how can i tell you what’s true when you don’t want to hear what i’m saying how do i tell you it’s you when you’re not even […]

2006 Stats

It’s now the second month of 2007 and in my tradition of posting entries later than expected, I’m writing about some useless stats for the year that was. You wouldn’t be surprised that these metrics do justify the decline of this weblog in many aspects, not only in traffic but also in influence and authority. […]

Was at the Blogparteeh

With the interest of my loyal readers in mind, I thought it would be nice to sustain curiosity and live up to their expectations by not writing about the Blogparteeh at all. An entire blog entry for this one event, that would be so atypical of my content. rebelpixel productions is characterized by the absence […]