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The BoB Couples

From the same set of photos taken at the UP Sunken Garden just after iBlog3, here’s another set featuring two couples (multiply mirror) from the Band of Bloggers. This should be a pleasant surprise for Marc, Sharms, Rico, & Sasha as they are now in Bohol for some R&R. That’s one set of photos down, […]

Five on Friday: Reasons & Apologies

Last Friday I promised that there will be a late Five on Friday post for today, but it seems I couldn’t think of a good list to work on. Here’s five reasons why: Farewell Dinner. Soulhunter, my good friend from our office and constant boxing mate, is leaving for another company. It was just appropriate […]

Playful Ayel

Five on Friday will likely be a few hours late again as I have to catch a friend’s dinner treat and then the night’s last full show of the Cinemalaya 2006 Best Film “Tulad Ng Dati.” For now, here’s a set of photos (multiply mirror) of my very handsome pamangkin. 🙂

Faux Productivity

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had this habit of keeping a list of things I need to do. My little “To-Do List” comes in many incarnations; it used to be short notes written at the back of a gas station receipt, though now it has transformed into an electronic text file that I […]

In the fields

From the same set of photos from our high school batch’s medical mission: This weekend, April 21 & 22, Pisay ’96 will be at the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan for an Earth Day coastal cleanup. We are looking for volunteers who can lend a hand and somehow make a difference for the environment. Needless to […]

The BoB Girls

I was at iBlog3 yesterday and enjoyed the wonderful talks from fellow bloggers, as well as the in–the–sidelines small talk in between (and during!) sessions. With the conference being at the UP School of Economics, we knew we had to take pictures at the Sunken Garden, just a few steps away from the venue. Instead […]

Five on Friday: Inspirational Books

Continuing the “Five on Friday” series I started last week, I’m doing a list of inspirational fiction that are I keep on remembering and re–reading no matter what other books I come across. In this installment of the series, we’re talking happier thoughts instead, just as Karla, Aileen, and Amanda suggested. Drama is so over–rated. […]

Pisay ’96 Medical Mission

Similar to the Streetkids Christmas Party we had last December, our high school batch had a medical mission at Lubao, Pampanga last February. I’m not gonna explain nor justify our efforts, instead I’m gonna plead for support and progressive ideas as we take bolder steps to making a difference. Of course I took photos (mirror […]

Five on Friday: Songs To Cry To…

I’ve been putting too much thinking into my blogging that I end up hardly writing at all, so now I’m starting a personal meme I’m calling “Five on Friday.” Every Friday, I will write a list of five things on a topic I find worthwhile. If this turns out well, it’ll guarantee at least four […]

We can work it out

To us PBA07–aware pinoy bloggers, can’t we all just agree to disagree? There’s a lot more to talk about. After all, we aren’t the only ones blogging from this side of the planet. We’re just taking away the positive buzz with all this fuzz. (That rhyme was brought to you by the letter “B” and […]


Yeah, this blog’s goin’ naked at least for today. Just plain markup without style! Why? The 5th of April is CSS Naked Day — promoting web standards for everyone. Now strip!

iPAP Wins!

iPAP won the “Best Plugin/Extension” special award in last Saturday’s 2007 Philippine Blog Awards! I would’ve written about it yesterday but realized it wouldn’t be so real especially if blogged on April Fools’ Day. Okay I was really asleep most of Sunday, not to mention that everyone was writing about the blog awards another entry […]