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Sinulog 2008

I’ve officially claimed the throne for the most delayed blog entries ever. These are my photos from the Sinulog festival in Cebu last year, when I lost my phone and my almost a decade old SIM card. Shooting Sinulog has always been in my to–do list since I got hooked in photography so that’s an […]


I love how the LX3 spits out wonderful JPGs straight out of the cam, but I’m loving it even more as it lends itself to my workflow. So now I christen it “Lex.” Yes, like Smallville’s Lex Luthor, because it scares me with the things it can do. … is first introduced as a morally […]

Bratpack Bag Giveaway

Of course you’ve heard of Bratpack the bag shop, right? They carry some of the most popular brands like Jansport, Hedgren, and Timbuk2. This week, they will be opening a new branch in Greenbelt 5 and to coincide with this event, they’ve been running some online promotions. I was fortunate enough to be a part […]

Medical Mission for the Dumagats of Sierra Madre

It’s not everyday we get the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives. When our friends Mar and Mic pitched the idea of conducting a medical mission for the Dumagats of Sierra Madre, we were told it was going to be a lot different than similar activities. The Dumagat people basically thrived in […]

By the mountains…

I’ve been neglecting this blog quite blatantly that it’s been two weeks since my last entry, so I’ll just post something that supposedly comes to me naturally — share photos. The mountain view was breathtaking, Batanes was more than I imagined it to be. The photo has two of our friends from Epson, taking a […]


For the past two entries I’ve been hinting on a life–changing experience concerning our recent trip to Batanes. I wanted a creative narrative of the events; unfortunately there might be no way to completely re–tell our story. K-THOS (Karl, The Hero of Sabtang) though has a real and heartfelt account of what transpired. And who […]

Five on Friday: Batanes Photos

Before I talk about the drama I’ve been selling in my previous entry, here’s five photos I submitted as my photo essay for our photo contest in Batanes. I didn’t win, but fortunately, my pangga Hana did! 🙂 She got one of three special prizes, the other two going to Mimi and Ferdz. AJ got […]

Batanes @ Boracay

Sponsored by Asian Spirit, we were Batanes–bound last Wednesday walking around inside the domestic airport as early as five in the morning. It was the perfect proposition — go to Batanes for a press screening of the movie “Batanes” by Adolf Alix. The weather wouldn’t join the fun though, visibility for our Basco–bound flight was […]

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Gail has been teasing me that I’d probably be the last to write about our trip to the 11th International Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta so as not to disappoint, I let everyone blog ahead of me. Believe me! 🙂 Upon arrival at the airfield, I was overwhelmed by the number of digital SLRs mounted […]