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Spammers die!

I’m on dialup at home using Sky Internet’s BLAST Prepaid, browsing my daily share of blog reads, and I comment on an entry on Grace’s blog about a Pisay ’96 couple’s first baby, then — boom! Livejournal greeted me with a surprising message: Your IP address ( is detected as an open proxy (a common […]


Watching American Idol a few hours ago, it was really sad to see Constantine Maroulis leave after looking pretty solid for several weeks. Performances for this week weren’t exactly superb, and it boiled down to the last few thousand votes probably. Paula was crying, and with good reason. I think Constantine (and his band?) can […]

Faith and prayers

A few Saturdays ago my family drove all the way to Lucban, Quezon to visit Father Joey Faller’s Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church. You might have seen it featured before in Manila papers and magazines, well–known for its Way of the Cross that is magnificently carved from the mountainside. Around 300 vertical steps to the […]


Kumakain kami ng hopia dito sa office, dala ng teammate ko. Naisip ko lang bigla, ang pork hopia ba may baboy talaga sa loob? Pa-explain naman oh.

Email problems

I’m currently having problems with my address, so if you feel like writing, just send it to markku at gmail dot com. And if you want an invite, you know how to reach me. 😉

PHP5 eBook!

A great number of WordPress users are actually PHP hackers, so this ebook download should be of great interest to us. This is focused on PHP5, though a lot would still apply for PHP4 users. By the way, if you really want to code in PHP, you shouldn’t be without the great documentation, I personally […]

Ederic is back!

I’ m just so glad that Ederic is back online again, after losing not too long ago to someone wanting to use it’s high PageRank rating for another purpose. PR spamming? I hope not. Ederic, maligayang pagbabalik!

The good fight

I had a leisurely time reading the morning paper earlier today only to be surprised by news of the death of a former bank president. (Cached link.) The evidence clearly points to suicide, which I find uncommon for a predominantly Catholic population. The only state I can recall high occurrences of suicide is Japan, where […]


Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone, help. Yes, it’s from the Beatles’ “Help.” As you (or not) noticed, the world is quite strange now. The music is different, and the lyrics ain’t the same. And the band ain’t what it used to be. Go ahead, sing me […]

Gran Turismo 4

GT4 rocks! I came across a Flickr GT4 group and the new feature allowing you to take pictures and save to a USB drive provides another entertaining aspect to the game. With photos this great, I really need to get my copy! Do we have this in Greenhills now? 😉


Excerpts from a comment I wrote off–site: “Man, there’s no such thing as ‘crashing at the right time.’ Dreams, when they crash, leave you empty and lost, not knowing where you’ve been, but more sadly, not knowing where to go. “You can pick up the pieces, collecting the ones that make you the unique person […]

Successful people

“Successful people don’t see luck as only a matter of chance but also a matter of choice. You can choose to take the necessary steps to create the destiny you desire and not just wait around for something good to happen. Reach for your dreams!”