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On Gloria and her apology

These are my two cents on President GMA’s public apology regarding the wiretapped conversations, better discussed by the Sassy Lawyer. If she didn’t cheat, she should’ve been her usual mataray self. Why apologize if you did nothing wrong? Why look so damn sad and remorseful if all you did was protect your votes? Our country […]


Playing with the new technorati, I came across several articles listing high–paying keywords in various contextual advertising programs. “Mesothelioma” tops the list, probably an uncommon word to many. I guess this justifies the high click prices for “asbestos” and “cancer,” as they are related topics. “Loans” and “financing” are also multi–dollar keywords. Remember, technorati is […]

Hale lyrics

I just mentioned my review of Hale’s rookie release, and I’m sure you’d love to see the lyrics to all their songs. So here they are: Take No Broken Sonnet Blue Sky The Day You Said Goodnight Wishing Here Tonight Kahit Pa Life Support Underneath the Waves Runaway Bent Down Kung Wala Ka Now go […]

iPAP 0.9 Beta2

iPAP 0.9 has reached Beta 2 and is now much faster. Caching now utilizes the SQL database instead of the file system, and we’re testing if this is the ideal setup. If you downloaded the first beta, you really need to use this since the former has one stupid bug that slows things down. Go […]

The day my comments died…

I’ve been playing with various anti–spam plugins to keep my comment stream manageable, and settled on a solution that I’m sure was well–tested. Little did I know it was messing my comment form in IE6, with the name field not clickable and thus uneditable. No mention of the plugin is needed, I’m sure it wasn’t […]


Hale is probably Manila’s hottest music act right now, with girls screaming and jostling their way to the stage anywhere the band plays. No doubt you’ve heard their song “The Day You Said Goodnight” at least once daily for the past week, and there’s nothing wrong with that — it’s a beautiful song. After more […]

iPAP 0.9 Beta

A year after the 0.7 release, the major update to iPAP is finally here. A beta of the 0.9 code is now available to everyone, featuring two major changes: MySQL storage and labels. Features I deferred using MySQL, sticking to my textfile–based storage class until I discovered it was causing significant slowdowns in page generation. […]


I’ve been trying not to bite the hype, but I finally discovered greasemonkey. Insanely useful, now I can have sites work just the way I want them. This just rocks!

I just can’t stop loving you

Each time the wind blows I hear your voice so I call your name Whispers at morning Our love is dawning Heaven’s glad you came You know how I feel This thing can’t go wrong I’m so proud to say I love you Your love’s got me high I long to get by This time […]

Why do we blog?

A fellow iBlogger shares her thoughts on people’s reasons and motivations for blogging. I asked this question almost two years ago, only to find the reasons written when it all started.

Bamboo: Light Peace Love

I finally have my review of “Light Peace Love,” Bamboo’s sophomore record I mentioned recently. It’s a piece of quality music but not exactly comparable to “As The Music Plays,” and I mean that both in a positive and negative way. “Hallelujah” is no “Noypi,” but it’s beautiful nonetheless. Read on for more of my […]

New music

I just got copies of Bamboo’s “Light Peace Love” and Hale’s debut release this weekend. Bamboo’s sophomore record is quite pleasing, though may alienate those expecting something resembling their first album “As The Music Plays.” Hale is surprisingly good. Complete reviews of both CDs available soon at your neighborhood sari-sari store.

GMA Watch

GMA Watch is a new experiment I’m running, a weblog/aggregator on news about President Gloria Macapagal–Arroyo and her administration. Basically just a breaking–news blog, sprinkled with a few commentaries. This is not an anti nor pro–GMA project, but rather an honest–to–goodness take on what’s on the news. My take right now? The controversies are not […]

Reachin’ out

I can’t help but listen to this song over and over again — and it’s all because of you. Reachin’ out to you Do you feel it too Lovin’ you is all I wanna do I’m completely sure I’ve never felt this way before When I smile you know that there is something more.